First Impressions: Game 10 (Houston)

They lost, it was an ugly game– they’re going to lose more games.

The goal of first impressions was to put up a few quick points to get discussion going, then follow it with a detailed takeout. Since it’s Tuesday, I already have 3,000 words written and I get bugger-all for comments, I’ll skip it this week.


3 thoughts on “First Impressions: Game 10 (Houston)

    1. I wanted to add 3,000 more words, cut 1,500 and then shuffle the other stuff to the Falcons preview. Trying to write single-topic, short posts that anyone can see is not as easy as the 20,000-word newsletter days. Plus, I’m like Paul Masson.

      I will mention, by the way, that I use twitter to announce when the posts are out. So if you follow @DOG_Geoff, you’ll know when something is out.


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