Asset Management and Puff Gordon

I’m working on four big pieces… but let me deal with a breaking item.

I’m not surprised that Puff Gordon boinked another drug test. It’s very, very simple: He’s an addict. Addicts usually won’t stop until they get locked away.

Having gone over this twice before, there isn’t anything I can add to what I wrote. Let me boil down 6,500 words in one chunk and 2,500 in another:

If you can’t believe Gordon hasn’t stopped, you don’t understand addiction. Addiction is progressive. When it gets as advanced as it has with Puff, the person– and its ability to make rational decisions– vanishes. The addiction is in total control– all that remains is the desire for the next drink, the next high or the next bet.

The only thing that works is detox– to get the poison out of the system– followed by intensive psychotherapy, to ensure that it doesn’t recur.

That usually will not happen until the addict has absolutely no other options. If the addict is a celebrity, it means he or she has to lose everything.

Puff has spent nearly a decade doing what he likes and dodging the consequences. The life lesson he learned from screwing up at Baylor twice, Utah Once, and the Browns four times is that he can dodge responsibility as long as he can play. Until he’s suspended for life, he’s not going to believe he can’t skate on this too.

Having been on record for two years about this– and  been proven right– I’m certainly not going to change the other part of what I wrote.

  • The only reason to cut a player is to free up the roster spot and the salary space.
  • Puff is not costing the Browns either, as long as he is suspended.
  • It is silly to cut a player because you’re angry with him. As long as he has value, you trade him.
  • Since he can’t be traded while he is suspended, the Browns should keep him.

If you really believe feel you must send a message to the team right now, send them a message. Text a statement saying “Josh Gordon will never play for the Browns. As soon as we can trade him, we will.”

Cutting him rewards him– he immediately becomes a free agent and can make a deal with the highest bidder once he is reinstated. Why would you want to do anything that benefits him?


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