What’s Going On with DoG

I’m not dead; I haven’t folded the blog. And I haven’t stopped posting, either. I just haven’t done anything on WordPress in nearly three months.

The Facebook Page is open and (until recently), has been active. There’s a full a review of the draft (I skipped one player) and a series of columns on the Cavs. Even a few comments on the Indians. I’ve discovered that the enormous limitations of Facebook’s editor makes it easier for me to post.

I can’t run charts on Facebook– not even as embedded images of charts. I can only post one link. I can’t do bulleted lists, or change text size or colors– can’t even boldface or underline.

It means that all I can do is write. And without any option but paragraphing, it takes me less time to write, and it’s cleaner to read.

Also the WordPress Editor is slow. And buggy. It also handles HTML badly. For the last few posts I was writing in a text editor on my PC, and then uploading the HTML to WordPress. Then I would spend 30-45 minutes manually editing all the issues that WP would insert.

With Facebook, I just write.

Since I can’t stand having Mark Zuckerberg in control of my writing, I’m not abandoning the blog.. But I will have to figure out a way to make this work. Maybe I’ll write on Facebook and link to it there. Or maybe I’ll do short there and long here. Or post there and expand here.

In any case, I’ll figure it out. I have to– the nightmare of training camp begins soon.


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