The Return of Puff Gordon

Are you surprised to see Josh Gordon back, Geoff?

No, The locusts are back. Bladder infections come back. Former KKK leader David Duke is running for Senate in Louisiana. Why not Puff?

At some point, Roger Goodell had to let him as least try to play. Why not during the reign of the Marx Brothers, when he can’t hurt the team?

What do you think the key question about Gordon is?

Whether the Browns can trade his rights now. His trade value will never be higher than it is now. If they wait for him to blow another test, he’ll be out of the NFL for good.

But what if Gordon has turned his life around?

He hasn’t. Mary Kay Greenhouse has already solved that question for us:

Rosenhaus also doesn’t think that Gordon hanging out with Johnny Manziel is necessarily a bad thing. The two spent time together over the weekend at Manziel’s apartment, according to photos on Snapchat. Rosenhaus agreed to represent Manziel this off-season, but dropped him in April after Manziel refused to go to rehab.

“I didn’t talk to Josh about that so I don’t know what they did or what the circumstances were,” Rosenhaus said. “I will tell you that Josh and Johnny are close friends and I can say that Josh cares very much about Johnny and Josh was one of the people that wanted me to help Johnny during the period of time that I tried to help him.

There’s nothing else to discuss. Someone who had changed his ways would stay as far away from Billy Relapse as possible. I’d feel better if Rosenhaus said that Puff was tight with El Chapo and Leslie Van Houten.

He’s been working with Jim Brown–

Even better reason to trade him. Brown isn’t qualified to counsel anyone and he has failed at pretty much every project. Another indication that Puff hasn’t changed.

But suppose– 

Suppose what? I went into this eighteen months ago; nothing has changed. And that piece was a condensation of this piece, which I posted two years ago.

Puff Gordon is an addict, whose current life goal is to stay high. Everything else is secondary to that.

Hue Jackson says–

He’s an idiot. Just like Mike Pettine and Snapchat Ray Farmer were idiots about Billy Relapse. And Rob Chudzynski, Pat Shurmur, Mike Holmgren and Tom Heckert were idiots about Puff.

Pro coaches or front office people who haven’t actually tried to control an addict can and should be ignored. They don’t understand what they’re up against. The best source in the city is the guy who has been right all the way down the line.

The only guy who knew what he was doing was Joe Banner, who wanted to trade him. he had seen players with substance abuse problems in Philly and knew how they rolled.

Puff will keep using until he gets caught.

Then why shouldn’t the Browns just cut him?

Because a lot of coaches and GMs are idiots. They think they can fix anyone because they’re such great leaders of men. Or they think “The draft is a crapshoot anyway– why not spend a pick that might or might not work out for a guy who can be an All-Pro?”

It’s called the “greater fool theory.” If you made a bad investment, don’t cut your losses– see if you can offload it on a sucker.

If they can do it right now, it’s better for all concerned. The Browns don’t waste time with him. They don’t take the risk that maybe he can’t play anymore– that he’s lost a few steps. They don’t have to give someone else his reps in training campy, only to see that wasted when he gets caught again.

What are you going to say if he stays clean and plays well?

“Damn, there are a lot of flying pigs around here.”


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