But wait– there’s more…

At one time, I put everything I wrote on this site. I quit doing that for practical reasons. I have two other outlets:

The Facebook Page: It can be found at:


I added it for two reasons. First, a lot of people were missing posts. Many of the people who read the blog are on Facebook every day. Now when I write something, I mention it on the Facebook page, and it goes right into their feed.

Also, my personality changes on Facebook. There, my posts are short, pointed and breezy. But when I write here, it’s always longform and always heavy on data and analysis. I’m sure a psychiatrist could explain why, but it’s just simpler to render unto Facebook, the posts that are Facebook’s (like the “First Impressions” pieces after a game) and stories about ephemeral stuff (Bernie Kosar wanting to be John Elway).

The Twitter Feed: I have friends on Twitter but not Facebook; WordPress lets me automatically tweet to them when I publish a new story:


Occasionally, you will see me either answering questions or taking issue with someone. That’s rare. If I tried to police the total amount of stupidity on Twitter, I’d spend 24 hours a day.