Scouting Gregg Williams

OK, since I’ve got a lot of stuff I’ve been holding onto, let me try to do this with less detail than my usual suffocating level:

1. In terms of on-field performance, hiring Gregg Williams is a smart move that will immeasurably help the Browns. Williams is a good coordinator– not a great one (I’ll get into why at the end)– who would improve almost any defense. In 18 years, he’s had: Continue reading “Scouting Gregg Williams”

Free Agency Recap (Day 2)

No additions, but two subtractions– each worthy of a couple of sentences.

1. Washington Signs Terrelle Pryor. It’s a one-year deal for up to $8 million. If Pryor has another good year, he can hit the market and make a lot of money. If he turns out to be a flash in the pan, it’ll cost him a lot of money.

The story I linked to has what I think is the proper take: “Receivers take less than they anticipated.” It is, I’m pretty sure, the result of teams beginning to move towards analytics. Continue reading “Free Agency Recap (Day 2)”

Free Agency Recap

Since I’m already sitting on way too much material, let me walk through the Browns’ free agency.

1. The best signing is RG Kevin Zeitler. He missed only eight games in five years for the Bengals and played at close to a Pro Bowl level.

The Browns gave him a ridiculous contract (5 years, $60 million; he’s the highest-paid player at his position in the NFL). But when you’re the NFL’s worst franchise, you can’t offer free agents a chance to win a title, play for a great coach or in a top media market. Money is all you have. Continue reading “Free Agency Recap”